Take pictures online !

Take pictures online with your webcam using Free Fun Effects and save photos to your computer.

You can take pictures of yourself with your Webcam. You need a Webcam and flash to use Webcam Image.

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How to make a good image of yourself using your webcam ?

Taking picture with a webcam is pretty simple…however, taking it and looking good in it is a whole different story:

– Put out a little effort as far as your own image is concerned. Brush your hair, put on a nice shirt. When you are sitting at home and no one sees you, you tend to let yourself go. Then you go to use the webcam and don’t think to ‘fix yourself’.

– If you are a female, consider a little makeup. Not the dramatic makeup that you might wear clubbing, but something light. If you are a guy, consider a shave, or at the least a bit of a trim.


What is Webcam Image ?

– Online photo booth for taking photos with webcam
– Amazing cool webcam effects
– Save photos to your computer